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Rail Articles

The potential of advanced train navigation

3 March 2022 | By ,

In this interview for Global Railway Review, Aaron Whittemore, Director of Product and Strategy at Humatics, delves into the benefits that ultra-wideband technology can offer railways and what the industry can gain from deploying Humatics’ systems.

2022: A promising year for Brazilian rail freight

16 February 2022 | By

Fernando Paes, Executive Director of Brazil’s National Association of Railway Transport (ANTF), explains that major investments throughout the country’s network will realise a significant, and welcomed, expansion in freight capacity, capable of meeting both current, and future, sector demands.

In-Depth Focus: Train Interiors

15 February 2022 | By

Exploring the importance of providing high-quality train interiors – from seating and flooring to on-board features for passenger comfort, plus what the train of the future might look like to meet changing passenger demands.

Tokenisation of train control/ train management

11 February 2022 | By ,

Gerald Schinagl, Digital Innovation Manager at ÖBB BCC GmbH, and Martin Taranetz, Head of Mobile Radio Networks at ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, explain the tokenisation of train control/train management and outline the report of the ‘Towards automated Railway Operations (TARO) R&D project at ÖBB.

Global Railway Review Issue 1 2022

11 February 2022 | By

Packed full of exclusive content, including: the importance of digital automatic coupling; Brazilian rail freight developments; designing train interiors to meet the needs of tomorrow’s passengers; and much more!

Next generation train control ‘Made in Germany’

11 February 2022 | By

Dan Woywod, Head of Railway Technology at the German Railway Industry Association (VDB), shares his insights into how Germany’s use of ATO with ETCS will optimise both urban mobility and regional operations, as the country strives to digitalise its entire rail network by 2035.