Gatwick Express will resume non-stop service to support airport recovery

The Gatwick Express will resume a non-stop service from Sunday 3 April; it aims to support the recovery of Gatwick Airport as pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Gatwick express returns

Credit: GTR

The Gatwick Express will resume a non-stop service from Sunday 3 April to support the recovery of Gatwick Airport and the South East economy. Services were first suspended on 30 March 2020 as the pandemic took hold and passenger numbers at the airport tumbled. Numbers have now increased and are expected to surge further with the removal of all travel restrictions.

“We are absolutely delighted to bring back our non-stop Gatwick Express service from Sunday 3 April as we look forward to a busier summer season including for international travel,” Stephen MacCallaugh, General Manager of Gatwick Express, said. “With more passengers now returning to Gatwick by rail and the South Terminal reopening, now is the time to get our service running again to support the airport and the economic recovery in the South East.”

Gatwick Airport railway station is also being rebuilt to improve accessibility, reduce passenger congestion and cut delays for commuters and leisure travellers using the Brighton Mainline. It will be finished next year.

“The return of Gatwick Express is great news and we are really looking forward to the completion of the upgraded railway station,” Emma Rees, Head of Real Estate and Surface Access of London Gatwick Airport, said. “People are flying from Gatwick in ever-increasing numbers and excellent rail links which have a dedicated service specifically for airport passengers are a vital element of our recovery and our link into central London and beyond.”

From 3 April 2022 Gatwick Express will operate with two Gatwick Express services running non-stop between Gatwick Airport and London Victoria. The service previously ran with four trains an hour, but the ongoing upgrade of Gatwick Airport station means there are not enough platforms available to accommodate them all.