Rail Alliance and BCRRE strive to create a better railway using technology

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To effectively connect the rail industry, innovation and academia together, the Rail Alliance has signed a new agreement.


Rail Alliance has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Birmingham Centre of Rail Research Education (BCRRE) – part of the University of Birmingham.

The agreement aims to strengthen links between the two organisations and build on connections with the wider railway sector to ensure that research and teaching draws on real-world situations in addition to growing relationships with SMEs for the benefit of the railway supply chain.

The Rail Alliance aligns well with BCRRE’s broader vision to encourage research and development to not only take place, but to be based on real industry need and solve challenges both short term and long term in line with the Rail Technical Strategy’s (RTS) Capability Plan. The plan captures the industry’s vision for how technology can be used to create a better railway. It builds on an existing culture of innovation and technology in the sector and provides a framework for both essential research and development investment to create, test and deploy new technologies in to the live railway.

Colin Flack, Chairman at the Rail Alliance, said: “The Rail Alliance is now in its 11th year of trading and is highly respected by its members and the wider industry. It has a proven capability in supporting the rail supply chain and BCRRE is the obvious and most natural partner to go forward with to connect industry, innovation and academia together in a meaningful and effective way.

“This means that members not only gain value and benefits from membership as it stands today, but in addition to this there will also be the opportunity to gain direct access to leading-edge rail research resources and education with the option to further utilise test and trial facilities at QRTC. The Rail Alliance team is primed and ready to take the next step – it is natural development and we are thrilled to be formally working with such a prestigious and highly-regarded facility as BCRRE.”

Alex Burrows, Director, BCRRE, said: “We are delighted to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Rail Alliance. Talks are underway with a view of working with the Rail Alliance to support some of the membership activities including guiding and supporting structures for members, building a sound network connecting members with new technologies and delivering advice necessary to grow effectively and develop member organisations successfully, encouraging excellence and profitability. BCRRE will benefit from Rail Alliance’s expertise and many years of experience in this area.”

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