Galgus introduces itself to the railway industry at Rail Live!

Posted: 7 March 2019 | | No comments yet

For the first time ever, Galgus exhibited at the Rail Live! event and their booth hosted numerous meetings with important companies and professionals from the rail market.


During two days of the Rail Live! event, Galgus held approximately 50 business meetings at its booth with companies and professionals from more than 20 countries. There, Galgus was able not just to explain its technology, which manages to gain infrastructure cost savings up to 95 per cent and average interference reduction up to 84 per cent, but to demo live it.

The acceptance of the Galgus value proposition for the railway industry has been, according to Jose Gonzalez, Galgus’ CEO, “excellent, the rail segment is a market in our roadmap for 2019. Pilots carried out in the last year have offered more than satisfactory results, and it is true that attending such an appointment has been a great decision, not only in terms of new contacts made, but to make sure that the Galgus solution can bring benefits to on-board connectivity as well as a raise in customer experience satisfaction rates.”

During the event, Galgus had the chance to explain its main features, and a remarkable amount of interest was shown towards Galgus’ Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) and Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS). Cyber-security is seen as one of the most important problems. In fact, wireless communication has inherent vulnerabilities as the signals share the electromagnetic spectrum. For network owners and system integrators, ensuring the secrecy and privacy of communications is a major concern when operating a Wi-Fi network. Public networks with high user density, such as those present in convention centres, trains or airports, are the most vulnerable, as they are quite attractive for those who want to make malicious use of Wi-Fi. The most common attacks such as RougeAP or man-in-the-middle are very easy to carry out with free tools and are the easiest to deceive unwary users.

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