The ÖBB Rail Cargo Group opens up connection to Scandinavian region

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The new connection strengthens rail logistics service for all industrial goods with efficient and sustainable end-to-end logistics solutions for whole Scandinavia.

The ÖBB Rail Cargo Group opens up Scandinavian region

Credit: ÖBB-Rail-Cargo-Austria_DSC3027 © RCG_David Payr

With the TransFER Vienna-Scandinavia link, the ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) is establishing a connection between Vienna and Scandinavia that runs up to four times a week on rail, thus linking Austria with Northern Europe. This offers the full range of safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly transport services for conventional rail freight traffic.

End-to-end logistics solutions between Austria and Scandinavia

Trelleborg is the southernmost city in Sweden and therefore also the southernmost port. It is considered the gateway between Scandinavia and Central Europe. The ferry port of Trelleborg is a central transshipment point between ship and rail, as well as a decisive gateway to Scandinavia.

With the new TransFER Vienna-Scandinavia link, RCG is now creating a direct link to the Scandinavian region. From the central shunting station in Vienna, it is non-stop by rail to Rostock and the Baltic Sea. Reloaded onto the ship, it goes two times per day with ferry connection to Trelleborg. From here, the distribution in single wagon traffic and thus the realisation of sustainable end-to-end logistics solutions for the entire Scandinavian region takes place. The ferry connection and the redistribution are handled by the partner Green Cargo.

Shorter transport times make the railways attractive

RCG not only forms a bridge for conventional traffic between Austria and Scandinavia, but also shortens transit times between Vienna and Trelleborg. Due to the continuous and high-quality international production chain between Vienna and Rostock and a transport time of only 25 hours, logistics customers gain a decisive competitive advantage in the market.

The TransFER Vienna-Scandinavia link offers the full range of safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly transport services for all industrial and hazardous goods between Austria and Scandinavia. The central transfer station in Vienna, as the central hub for volume flows from and to South and Southeastern Europe, provides a seamless connection to RCG’s high-frequency national and international network. This opens up markets throughout northern, central, southern and southeastern Europe.

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