Contracts awarded for phase 2 of West Palm Beach to Orlando line

Posted: 23 May 2019 | | No comments yet

Virgin Trains USA has awarded five construction contracts for the 273-kilometre line between West Palm Beach and Orlando.

Contracts awarded for phase 2 of West Palm Beach to Orlando line

The new construction contracts are thought to be worth $US 4 billion and will see the line that already runs between Miami and West Palm Beach extended to Orlando International Airport. There are also plans to extend this line to Tampa in the future. 

The project includes moving 90km of existing track, and constructing 160km of new track to facilitate the extended line. 

The contracts have been awarded to Hubbard Construction Company, Wharton-Smith, The Middlesex Corporation, Granite and HSR Constructors. 

Virgin Trains USA has said that the project will include laying 490,000 sleepers which will form the basis of the tracks, while 2.13 million tonnes of granite and limestone will transported in to support the line. 

It is expected that Hubbard will begin the extensive site preparation works in late May, while Wharton Smith will begin construction in early 2020.

The construction of the new part of the line, by Granite Construction Company, will involve:

  • 229,000m3 of excavation
  • 4.1 millionm3 of embankment fill
  • Installment of an 80,000m2 earth retaining wall to stabilise the ground
  • 30,400m of piling
  • 18 new bridges, three underpasses, drainage installations, track and signalisation installation. 

Trains are due to begin operation in 2022 between South Florida and Orlando in 2022.