Deutsche Bahn 5G-based network tender won by Nokia

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Requirements of the tender include the delivery and testing of the world’s first 5G-based network for automated rail operation.

Deutsche Bahn 5G-based network tender won by Nokia

Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) has awarded the tender to test and deliver a world-first standalone 5G system for automated rail operation in Hamburg, Germany, to Nokia.

As part of DB’s highly automated S-Bahn operation project, the proof-of concept will test the maturity of the technology and if 5G can be used as the connectivity layer for future digitalised rail operations.

The S-Bahn project is an early and important step in the development of the Future Railway Mobile Communications System (FRMCS) standard, based on 5G, and will set the stage for the digital transformation of railway operations.

President of Nokia Enterprise and Chief Strategy Officer, Kathrin Buvac, said: “We are very pleased to be Deutsche Bahn’s partner, bringing digital technology to the forefront of the Hamburg S-Bahn network and rail system. Together, we have worked to research, develop and deliver the world’s first 5G-based communication system for automated rail operation; an important milestone towards the Future Rail Mobile Communication System and a major step in making Industry 4.0 a reality.”

The S-Bahn operation project, ‘Digitale S-Bahn Hamburg’, aims to have highly automated trains operating on a 23km section of the S-Bahn Line 21 by 2021. The demonstration will include fully driverless shunting of empty trains based on the transmission of train control information over the Nokia 5G mobile network. The 5G solution allows highly or fully automated trains to exchange relevant data with trackside equipment by 5G radio, positively effecting cross-border operation, capacity of rail infrastructure, punctuality of trains and customer service.

This is not Nokia’s first involvement with the industry, having previously providing GSM-R systems to rail operators in 22 countries. Overall, the company has provided networking, cyber-security, IoT and analytics solutions to over 110 operators for both mainline and metro rail.

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