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Spanish rail industry contributes to future design of bogies and wheelsets

12 July 2019 | By

Component manufacturers representing the Spanish railway industry have recently developed cutting-edge bogie and wheelset technologies. Not only do these new advances help to improve the lifecycle of rolling stock, but they also contribute to reduced maintenance costs while increasing operational safety. Pedro Fortea, Director of Mafex – the association representing…


Bogies & Wheelsets In-Depth Focus 2018

31 July 2018 | By

How can the railway sector utilise various monitoring techniques to ensure bogies and wheelsets are in top condition? How important is it to invest in wheelset research and what are the best methods to use for component inspection? What new ideas and concepts are there for the next generation of…


Influence of rail and wheel roughness on rolling noise: Measurements and analysis

16 November 2017 | By

Roughness of the rail and wheel running surfaces produce rolling noise – the most significant form of noise due to wheel-rail contact. Rolling noise from conventional metro trains, tramways, streetcars, electrical or diesel multiple units and even high-speed trains is a key consideration during the design, homologation and testing phases;…


Bogies & Wheelsets In-Depth Focus 2017

28 July 2017 | By

As the railway sector moves forward with digitalisation, there is a greater need than ever to utilise innovative solutions to help improve the lifecycle of bogies and wheelsets by monitoring their performance in real-time. The result will be more reliable, durable and eco-friendly bogies and wheelsets…


Bogies / Wheelsets supplement

7 April 2015 | By

In our latest free-to-view Bogies / Wheelsets Supplement, we have articles from Bombardier to give an update on the latest developments at their Bogies Technical Centre, plus experts from Loughborough University (UK) explain mechatronic bogies and their benefits and risks...


Bogies / Wheelsets supplement 2014

11 April 2014 | By

In our latest free-to-view Bogies/Wheelsets supplement, read articles from Eddie Searancke from Bombardier about the FLEXX Eco Bogie; CETEST’s developments into testing instrumented wheelsets; and the latest progress into UNIFE’s EURXALES project…


Bogies / Wheelsets supplement 2012

30 July 2012 | By

In this supplement: Testing the bogie (Igor Alonso-Portillo, Director for Strategy and Business Development, CETEST); A status report on FLEXX Speed bogies for ZEFIRO 380 trains (Heiko Mannsbarth, Head of Product Management of the Business Unit Bogies and Steffen Vogt, Team Leader of the Vehicle Dynamics Department, Bombardier Transportation GmbH)...


CETEST: Test services for commuter, long distance and high-speed railway vehicles

6 December 2011 | By Igor Alonso-Portillo, Director for Strategy and Business Development, CETEST

CETEST Test and Analysis Centre is an independent accredited laboratory focusing on the testing of railway vehicles. With headquarters in the North of Spain, we are a global company serving a diversity of customers ranging from railway undertakings (operators), system integrators (vehicle manufacturers) to equipment sub suppliers. The tests we…