Bogies & Wheelsets In-Depth Focus 2017

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As the railway sector moves forward with digitalisation, there is a greater need than ever to utilise innovative solutions to help improve the lifecycle of bogies and wheelsets by monitoring their performance in real-time. The result will be more reliable, durable and eco-friendly bogies and wheelsets…

Bogies & Wheelsets In-Depth Focus 2017
  • The influence of the whole lifecycle cost and digitalisation on the design of running gear
    Modern running gear has to fulfil a multitude of requirements. As well as the diverse functional, operational and relevant environmental requirements, operational ruggedness combined with high availability is also expected. Thomas Graetz, Head of Bogies at Siemens, writes that aside from the technical aspects, the commercial influence of this key component is also of crucial importance and bogies have a significant effect on the whole lifecycle cost of a rail vehicle over its estimated service life of 30-40 years…
  • Real data for bogie design and validation
    New methodology developed by CETEST enables the identification of bogie associated modal parameters with more accurate results than commonly employed methods, together with more simple performance. Lara Erviti, Test Engineer, explains more…

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