Digital Rail Revolution: What are the top five trends in rail digitalisation?

Supported by:

9 October 2018

3:00pm (BST)

Supported by:

9 October 2018

3:00pm (BST)


There are many trends in rail digitalisation – but which are the most important and how will they impact the rail sector as we know it? What ways do these trends aid in rail operation and maintenance?

Incorporating discussions such as:

  • Cyber security – with the wide-spread use of IoT, how can operators and authorities protect themselves and their customers?
  • Smart assets – in what ways can they improve operations, how can they be retro-fitted and what are companies using them for?
  • Predictive maintenance – how can the positives be monitored and how can the technology be used to its fullest potential?
  • Signalling – how can train companies maintain and operate ERTMS safely? What are the positives of train companies sharing their best practises?
  • IoT – how can train companies ensure IoT devices are able to withstand harsh railway environments?
  • And more…

This webinar will explore some of the most ground-breaking and influential digitalisation initiatives in the rail sector and try to answer which are the most important now and which will be the most important in the future.


Christine Kraft, Project Manager of ETCS at DB Kommunikationstechnik (Telecommunication technology)

As Project Manager of ETCS at DB Kommunikationstechnik (Telecommunication technology) Christine Kraft has implemented the transmission technique at the Corridor A in Germany Region West, since 2015. Furthermore, she has also implemented key projects with transmission technique, such as the new built knot point for Frankfurt City Railways “Homburger Damm” or the renovation of Frankfurt Main Station.


Marleen Verheyen, Strategic Coordinator at Infrabel

Marleen is part of the Performance Data Department, situated within the division Traffic Management and Services. She has a master in history with a broad view on business needs and currently works as a people manager with years of experience throughout the company. One of her greatest strengths is to facilitate day to day projects between the business and data specialists. Marleen is responsible for the definition and publication of the key performance indicators which are used to monitor safety events for her division.

She is an experienced speaker and a true leader with a positive vibe, but is also not afraid to make critical reviews, points to opportunities for improvement and makes timely adjustments.

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