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Application report: Dynamic, not static – How a major petrochemical company equipped itself for the future

Posted: 15 April 2015 | Schenck Process | No comments yet

Read how the MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight precisely calculates the weight of a wagon at a large production facility in the chemical industry.

At large production facilities in the chemical industry, hundreds of tonnes of liquids are weighed every day. In recent years a major petrochemical company in Cologne has optimised this process to make it highly efficient – with the help of MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight, the dynamic weighbridge for liquids from Schenck Process.

“We needed a reliable, robust system for legal-for-trade weighing of liquids during motion that allowed us to transfer the data to our logistics software,” says weighing workshop foreman Christian Mees. “Only the MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight met our criteria.” The MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight precisely calculates the weight of a wagon as it passes over the weighbridge at up to 10 kph. It offers highly accurate, dynamic weighing of rail vehicles in a form not previously available for liquid loads.

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