In-Depth Focus: Digital Twins

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The use of digital twins has become one of the most talked about technologies in rail, with the industry attracted to its ability to leverage innovation to improve and enhance asset reliability and performance. As the technology continues to quickly evolve, this In-Depth Focus explores what we understand about digital twin technology so far, the opportunities that lie ahead and the potential that it has to offer for the rail sector.

Global Railway Review - Issue 2 2021 - Digital-Twins

Included in this In-Depth Focus:

  • Digital twins: Accelerating the digital transformation in the rail sector

Tommaso Spanevello, Public Affairs Manager, UNIFE

  • The growth of digital twins in the UK rail industry

Zoe McLernon, Multi Modal Policy Manager, Logistics UK

  • Developments and opportunities for digital twin technology on the French railway network

Jean-Christophe Michelin, Bruno Landes, Jean-Philippe Riant and Hugues Gigleux, SNCF Réseau

  • Improving performance through smarter data use

Thymo van den Brug, Manager Information Development, Asset Management, ProRail

  • The development and use of digital twins for the maintenance and repair of railway infrastructure

Gennady Verkhovykh, Deputy Managing Director & Head of the Central Directorate Infrastructure, Russian Railways (RZD)

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