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Digital Twins


A ‘digital twin’ is a virtual, data-driven representation of the many characteristics and behaviours of any real-world physical asset, process or system. In the railway sector, ‘digital twins’ could be used across several different engineering, planning, and operational aspects, such as monitoring physical assets (rolling stock and infrastructure), monitoring train movements and providing information about passenger behaviour on-board trains, in stations or on platforms.


In-Depth Focus: Digital Twins

7 April 2021 | By

The use of digital twins has become one of the most talked about technologies in rail, with the industry attracted to its ability to leverage innovation to improve and enhance asset reliability and performance. As the technology continues to quickly evolve, this In-Depth Focus explores what we understand about digital…


Global Railway Review Issue 2 2021

6 April 2021 | By

In this issue, we feature articles from leading industry experts on a vast range of topics including: the progress of the Hamburg/Bremen–Hanover rail project and its future opportunities; the value of Rail Freight Corridor ‘Amber’ to the overall network of RFCs; a Roundtable on the Future of Train Stations; and…