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HSL-Zuid: high-speed importance

8 April 2008 | By Dietmar Wegner, RAMS Manager, Industry Sector, Mobility Division, Siemens AG

European cities are linked by an increasing amount of high-speed transport routes that satisfy growing demand for mobility. Ecological and economical/political aspects are also of immense importance to the expansion of the European high-speed transport network. The Netherlands’ connection to the high-speed network takes Europe another step closer to a…

Significant developments help future sustainability

8 April 2008 | By Kaido Simmermann, Managing Director and Chairman of the Management Board, Estonian Railways

2007 was one of the most controversial years in Estonian Railways’ history. The year could be characterised by the repurchase of company’s shares by the government, record freight volumes during the first months of the year, record low volumes during the second half of the year, cost savings, staff reductions,…

Solutions for Stockholm’s rail bottleneck

8 April 2008 | By Eskil Sellgren, Managing Director, WSP Civils Sweden

Some three million people live and work in Stockholm and the surrounding region. It is a market place for trade with goods and services, a centre for culture and entertainment and a meeting place for people from all over the world. Many people also commute between work and their homes…

Open to equality and accessibility

8 April 2008 | By Walter Hackl-Gruber, Head of Human Factors Working Group and Matthias Barta, Project Engineer, Human Factors Working Group, Technical University of Vienna

Our society has committed itself to provide equal access to the public transport system for all citizens. Despite common efforts to improve the accessibility of the rolling stock, there are still some deficiencies towards the Men Machine Interfaces (MMI’s) on mainline trains for physically and sensory impaired people.

Know-how, smart strategies and dedicated equipment

8 April 2008 | By Dipl.-Ing. Alfred Gruber, Head of Infra Service Division, ÖBB-Infrastruktur Betrieb AG

In order to be competitive on the liberalised rail transport market, the ÖBB Group must operate with market-oriented companies. A key success factor is the reliable transport handling and, thus, the reliability of the infrastructure facilities. That is where the division Infra Service of ÖBB-Infrastruktur Betrieb AG comes in.

Adding value

8 April 2008 | By Paul Seller, Director of Technical Sales, Transportation and Chris Knowles, Director of Marketing, Transportation, Lloyd’s Register Rail Ltd

Making sure systems, products and processes are doing the job in the most efficient way, needs a co-ordinated approach and independent scrutiny. Independent assurance is an approach which checks what others have done, are doing and what they plan to do. When this is performed well, it makes a major…

Ballast Reinforcement: a new vision or just a mirage?

8 April 2008 | By Dr. Nick Thom, Lecturer, School of Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK

Despite modern railways being at the forefront of technologies such as power transmission, signalling, control systems and vehicle dynamics, there is one element which is stuck firmly in the Stone Age – the trackbed. It is true that some tracks are being designed and built with concrete or asphalt bases,…

A class of their own?

8 April 2008 | By Tim Shakerley, Director of Engineering, Freightliner Group Ltd

Recently, Freightliner Group Ltd placed an order for 30 freight locomotives of a brand new design, giving even greater hauling capacity and a significant improvement in fuel economy than currently seen on the UK network. Project Genesis, which is being developed in partnership with General Electric (GE), will bring new…

Strong investments to improve Brussels Airport rail accessibility

29 January 2008 | By Luc Lallemand, CEO, Infrabel

Infrabel, the infrastructure manager of the Belgian railway network, has invested strongly in the extension of the railway capacity towards Brussels Airport. An important project in this respect is the construction of the Diabolo, which will be realised with private capital by the specifically set up project company, Northern Diabolo…

Investment in improved safety and regularity

29 January 2008 | By Eddy Clement, Director General of the Network Department, Infrabel

Infrabel, the Belgian railway infrastructure management company, is investing in the modernisation of its network control centres in a number of stages. The new Traffic Control centre and the concentration of signal boxes are two important projects in this context. In an interview with Global Railway Review, Eddy Clement, Director…

A double carriageway between Pétange and Luxembourg

29 January 2008 | By Alex Kremer, Director General, CFL

In 2002, the Luxembourg Ministry of Transport collaborated with CFL to work out a public transport strategy called ‘mobilité’. The document, or plan, included details about development projects of public transport infrastructure and included in particular plans to develop the existing railway line between Pétange and Luxembourg into a dual…

Keeping the customer in the lead

29 January 2008 | By Albert Counet, General Manager, B-Cargo

Within SNCB, B-Cargo is the division that is responsible for commercialising rail freight transport. In cooperation with the other companies of the SNCB Group, we provide customers with global logistics solutions that are at once competitive and attractive. With 2,160 miles (3,454km) of track, Belgium’s rail infrastructure is among the…

Reactivation of the Maastricht – Lanaken railway line

29 January 2008 | By Jan Derks, Project Manager, ProRail

In 1990, a goods train travelled along the single track, cross-border line connecting the Dutch city of Maastricht and the Belgian town of Lanaken. At that time, it was known to be the last goods train to ever travel on the track. However, this 6km long goods line is now…

NS is saving energy and going green

29 January 2008 | By Jeroen Duijvestijn, Manager of Corporate Sustainable Development, NS

For NS (Netherlands Railways), sustainability is becoming more and more important in the way the railway company does business. Recently, Mr. Aad Veenman, CEO of NS, stated new and ambitious goals in this field for 2020. Emissions of CO2 will be reduced by 20%, independent from business growth. The energy…

Achieving the goal of positive business activity

29 January 2008 | By Davorin Kobak, President of Management Board, HZ Holding

The year 2007 for Croatian Railways has been marked by intense action in two basic areas. In one of the areas, the aim was to carry out the restructuring process which entered its key phase during the year. Pursuant to the Railways Law and the Act on the Division of…