Lucchini RS

Lucchini RS S.p.a., Via G. Paglia, 45 – 24065 Lovere (BG) – Italy

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+39 035 963111


The global and reliable Partner for the sustainable progress of mobility and industry. Passion, talent and creativity for advanced Customer-orientated solutions.

Lucchini RS is a steel manufacturing group which offers a diversified range of high-tech products and services and operates globally. The group’s core business is identified with two divisions:

  • manufacturing of high-end railway components – wheels, axles and wheelsets for high-speed applications, locomotives, passenger trains, trams and underground trains.
  • manufacturing of forging and casting to drawings, for various applications such as power generation, oil and gas, offshore platforms, cement works, industrial plants, iron and steel production plants or shipbuilding. Lucchini RS also produces a large variety of tool steel grades for plastic moulding, pressure die-casting and extrusion.