DB Regio Bayern to operate 57 new trains in Bavaria

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The new fleet from Siemens Mobility will include 26 Desiro HC trains, 25 Desiro HC double-decker trains and six Mireo trains.

DB Regio Bayern to operate 57 new trains in Bavaria

Credit: Siemens Mobility

DB Regio Bayern and Siemens Mobility will place a total of 57 new trains into service in Bavaria at the beginning in December 2023. This will include 26 Desiro HC trains which are currently being built for the Franconia-South Thuringia network, along with 25 Desiro HC double-decker trains and six Mireo trains for the Danube-Isar network.

Eighteen Desiro HC trains will operate in the Franconia-South Thuringia network as four-car units beginning in December 2023 and eight Desiro HC trains as six-car units in June 2024. They travel almost as fast as the ICE, for example between Coburg and Erfurt at 190kmh. In the Danube-Isar network, the 31 new trains will inaugurate service in December 2024.

Thomas Prechtl, Spokesman for the management of Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft, which plans, finances and controls regional and S-Bahn transport in Bavaria, said: “We requested new vehicles in the tenders for both networks in order to improve passenger comfort, increase capacity and also expand services. A special treat are the eight trains specially equipped for use on the Bamberg-Coburg-Erfurt high-speed line, which we planned together with the Free State of Thuringia.”

Hansrüdiger Fritz, CEO Regional Management for DB Regio Bayern, said: “Attractive trains and service offers for our customers are a prerequisite for generating more uptake of the climate-friendly railway. To achieve this, we are further increasing the quality of mass transit in Bavaria and are winning additional passengers. Together with our partner Siemens Mobility, we are looking forward to launching this impressive fleet of new trains in Bavaria’s rail networks. Our passengers will benefit from improved services in both networks. On the heavily traveled Nuremberg–Bamberg route, for example, the new trains will significantly increase passenger capacity. From 2024 onward, up to 200 more seats will be available on each train.”

Dr. Elmar Zeiler, Head of Mass Transit and Regional Trains at Siemens Mobility, said: “Only by providing a strong rail sector can we satisfy the growing demand for mobility and at the same time achieve our climate targets. Siemens Mobility is proud that we will be making a significant contribution here with our Desiro HC and Mireo trains in Bavaria and Thuringia. Both trains stand for enhanced passenger comfort and convenience, maximum availability and sustainability, are highly popular with passengers, and have already considerably improved passenger satisfaction on many routes.”


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