Abu Dhabi and Dubai now connected through a direct Etihad Rail line

A major part of the UAE National Rail Network, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are now connected thanks to a direct railway line.


Credit: Etihad Rail

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are now connected thanks to a direct railway line within the UAE National Rail Network, in a major development within the largest infrastructure project in the UAE. This marks the start of a new phase of logistic and economic integration between the two emirates, and in preparation for linking the rest of the emirates to an integrated national railway network in the UAE.

The completion of the main railway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is a  key part of Etihad Rail’s network  and it comes within the framework of the UAE Railway Programme that was launched as a part of the Projects of the 50, with an investment worth of $13,612,815,000. The UAE Railway Programme includes a national network of railway projects that would link the seven emirates. The programme is also expected to create economic opportunities.

The UAE Railway Programme reflects UAE’s ambitions and aspirations to start the next fifty years with huge development projects that enhance its position as a leading regional and global centre in the sectors of trade, economy and logistics services.

“The completion of the main railway will enhance the strategic position of the project at the transport and infrastructure levels,” H.H. Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman at Etihad Railway, said. “It will also contribute to the promotion of sustainable development in the UAE.”

The railway which length is 256km and is designed based on the highest international standards and specifications concerned with environmental aspects, safety and quality, will play a pivotal role in developing the UAE National Rail Network, facilitate goods transportation within the UAE and reduce transportation costs.