Poll shows 81 per cent of passengers want more rail routes opened to Europe

Polling for HS1 Ltd has found that over 80 per cent of passengers would be more likely to travel to Europe if more routes were available.

HS1 poll

Polling for HS1 Ltd, conducted by Opinium Research, found that 81 per cent of people surveyed would be more likely to travel by train to Europe for work if there were more routes available. The figure rose to 86 per cent for leisure travel. In addition, 79 per cent of respondents said the pandemic has highlighted the need for businesses to make more sustainable travel options, demonstrating a strong opportunity for international high-speed rail.

Currently, travellers can get direct services to a number of destinations in western Europe, including Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels. The new figures provide the clearest evidence that there is strong demand for even more international rail routes run from the UK on the HS1 line. This could include working to set up new routes into Germany, including the financial hub of Frankfurt, or extending routes to further popular leisure destinations, such as Prague in the Czech Republic, or Bordeaux in South West France.

“These results are further proof that people travelling abroad from the UK are increasingly looking for more environmentally friendly options,” Dyan Crowther, CEO of HS1 Ltd, said. “HS1 is the Green Gateway to Europe, and as we look to recover and grow post Covid-19, we’ll be working tirelessly to deliver more routes on our line into Europe.”

Other findings announced today show that 77 per cent of people would likely travel more regularly to Europe by train if there was more competition on the line. Opinium surveyed 1,000 UK workers who have travelled for business within the last five years.

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