First JNA-X Box Wagon prototype images revealed

With the first UK delivery of the new JNA-X Box Wagon scheduled for September 2022, Porterbrook, GB Railfreight and Greenbrier have revealed a first look at the prototype.

The JNA-X Box Wagon prototype

The JNA-X Box Wagon prototype - Credit: Porterbrook

Porterbrook, GB Railfreight and Greenbrier have shared the first pictures of the brand new JNA-X Box Wagon. The prototype, which has now successfully completed the audit and inspection process, is the first to roll off the production line in Romania. 

It is part of the agreement for 50 new box wagons announced in March 2022 between Porterbrook, GB Railfreight and Greenbrier. The delivery of the box wagons to the UK will take place in two batches later in 2022, with the first arriving in September and the second in October. 

The wagon, which is fitted with track friendly bogies, has been designed to optimise the tare weight, volume capacity, and payload with the shortest wagon length over buffers for the bulk material it will transport. The box structure is fabricated from high strength steel providing structural reliability and longevity over the life of the wagon. With each tonne of freight transported by rail producing 76 per cent less carbon than road haulage, the new box wagons will support the Green Recovery and help to deliver a more sustainable railway. 

The JNA-X Box Wagon prototype – Credit: Porterbrook

“This partnership demonstrates Porterbrook’s long-term commitment to investing in rail freight,” Mark Wyborn, Head of Freight at Porterbrook, said. “The successful production of the prototype JNA-X Box Wagon is all-the-more impressive because of the challenges the team has had to overcome, including significant disruption in the supply chain. It is testament to the strength of our partnership with GB Railfreight and Greenbrier that we’ve worked together and agreed ways to mitigate those challenges and keep delivery of the box wagons on track.”

“This new rolling stock, alongside other investments made by GBRf, continues to demonstrate our commitment to reducing our emissions and supporting the government’s net zero ambitions,” David Golding, Asset Director at GB Railfreight, said. “We look forward to continuing to work with our partners to help look for opportunities to decarbonise our industry.”

“We were thrilled that Porterbrook and GB Railfreight had chosen to extend its partnership with Greenbrier Europe which goes back more than fifteen years,” John Brown, Head of UK Sales at Greenbrier, said. “This partnership and cooperation during these unprecedented times where steel and energy costs have more than doubled is evidence of our long-term commitment to supply these box wagons to our customers on time.”

The JNA-X Box Wagon prototype – Credit: Porterbrook