Norway and Sweden look to improve Oslo–Gothenburg train services

The Swedish Transport Administration are working with the Norwegian Railway Directorate to find ways to improve services on the Gothenburg-Oslo route.

The Swedish Transport Administration has commissioned a study from the Norwegian Railway Directorate to investigate and propose how the long-distance train and freight train service between Oslo and Gothenburg can be improved.

The Oslo-Gothenburg study

The study will look at the development of the Østfold line, which is claimed to be far behind previously outlined progress plans with increasing operating costs. It will propose appropriate measures to make the line more attractive to passengers.

Topics to be covered in the study include the mapping of market needs and transport flows between the two cities, calculations of future transport needs and an assessment of climate and environmental effects. The investigation will also outline how the development of the railway can be carried out step by step, and show the effects achieved by the various steps.

In June 2022, the Swedish Transport Administration received a corresponding assignment to carry out an investigation into the possibility of increased capacity, increased axle loads and faster journey times for passenger and freight transport on the Gothenburg-Oslo route. The government has asked the Directorate of Railways to cooperate with the Swedish Transport Administration in the investigation and to coordinate the progress of the assignments.

The feasibility study of improving the train service on the rail connection Oslo-Gothenburg must be delivered to the Ministry of Transport by 1 October 2023.