New Renfe Mercancías ‘Zero CO2’ locomotives take first trip in Asturias

The first commercial trip of the new Renfe Mercancías ‘Zero CO2’ locomotives, which are 100% electric, has taken place in Asturias.

Renfe zero c02 locomotive

Credit: Renfe

Renfe has put into circulation the first new ‘Zero CO2’ locomotives manufactured by Stadler. The freight division of the company will provide the services to ArcelorMittal traffic, whose investment announced back in February 2022 amounts to euros 64.7 million of.

The first service, composing of 20 wagons plus the locomotive, left the ArcelorMittal factory in Trasona (Avilés) with a hot rolled coil load of 1,440 tonnes. These locomotives emit ‘Zero CO2’ as they are 100% electric and as Renfe Mercancías has certified the consumption of electrical energy from renewable sources.

Renfe zero c02 locomotive

Credit: Renfe

Renfe Mercancías is ArcelorMittal’s main railway operator, and its basic objective is to offer its customers the best service at the best possible cost. For this reason, given the challenges for the transport of goods that savings in CO2 emissions entail, both companies have strengthened their commercial relationship with the progressive contribution by Renfe of 12 new high-power locomotives with greater traction and load capacity. In addition to improving safety, reliability, and availability, they have low aggressiveness against the road, a lower noise level and no vibrations.

Renfe Mercancías aspires to achieve maximum efficiency as the basis of its competitiveness, and for this reason, the increase in its activity entails significant cost savings due to externalities since, as recognised by the European Commission, rail is the mode of freight transport that generates fewer polluting emissions.


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