Training and New Talent: GTR Apprentice Reflects

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Sydney Granger reflects on her engineering apprenticeship at Govia Thameslink Railway. Deadline for 2024 applications is 10th December 2023.

Sydney Granger was eager to kickstart her career when she left college and is currently completing her final year as an apprentice engineer with Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR). Sydney joined the company through an apprenticeship programme. Vacancies for next year’s engineering intake are live now.

“My dad’s an engineer and, ever since I was little, I’ve been helping him build and fix things. Engineering is in our blood, so it was a no brainer to follow in his footsteps,” Granger said.

Determined to start earning and learning, Sydney completed her first year of A Levels and then got straight into the world of work, undertaking an apprenticeship in electronic engineering.

“My first apprenticeship was great experience, but unfortunately it was too computer-based for me as I prefer more hands-on work. My friend’s dad is a train driver and he recommended looking into GTR’s apprenticeship programmes, which is how I found the engineering apprenticeship,” she added.

After years of hard work, Sydney, 24, is hoping to qualify as a Level 1 service engineer in 2024.

“I’ve loved doing this apprenticeship because it’s been so varied. I spent most of my first year at college learning all the relevant theory and I’ve also gained practical experience at various depots across the network. As I’m in my final year, I’ve settled into Selhurst depot and I feel a lot more competent and confident compared to when I started my apprenticeship,” she emphasised.

“I can’t wait to qualify as an engineer, and I highly recommend this apprenticeship to anyone who is interested in working in rail, because it really helps you progress in the industry.”

Applications for GTR’s 2024 engineering apprenticeship programme closes by 10th December.

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