CPK and Rail Baltica Workshop in Warsaw

Posted: 30 October 2023 | | No comments yet

The two megaprojects CPK and Rail Baltica joined together for an in-person workshop in Warsaw, discussing modern connectivity in Europe.

On 24th-25th October, Centralny Port Komunikacyjny Sp. z o.o. (CPK) and Rail Baltica held an in-person workshop in Warsaw. The two megaprojects organised the workshop, as part of a broader institutional cooperation – to ensure modern connectivity for the people of Poland and the Baltic states, as well as to establish an effective link to the European railway network.

“During the workshop, we agreed that there should be an exchange of information on expected operational services. Significant differences in passenger demand forecasting were observed between the two transport models, and the two parties agreed to share their transport models with their counterparts for a thorough review of their inputs, assumptions, and methodologies,” said Stefano Manzo, Transport Economist and Team Leader at RB Rail AS. “Additionally, it was stated that the two parties should continue to collaborate to reach a common understanding regarding the expected number of services and other technical implications.”

Both parties presented their respective transport models, engaging in discussions about their methodologies, data sources, modelling capabilities, limitations, and forecasts. Notably, the operational concept of Rail Baltica, including timetables and potential routes in Poland and beyond, was a central topic of discussion.

“The discussion also touched upon potential final destinations beyond Poland, including the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Austria, as part of a medium- and long-term vision for the TEN-T network and railway infrastructure projects planned in Eastern Europe and the Baltics,” noted Jean-Marc Bedmar, Head of the Systems and Operations Department at RB Rail AS. “These ongoing discussions, which will continue, are of utmost importance for enhancing connectivity, promoting economic prosperity, and safeguarding environmental protection in the Baltic States.”

Moreover, both parties deliberated on traffic demand data and transport forecast outcomes for the Rail Baltica corridor spanning between Poland and the three Baltic countries. They also explored the alignment of their respective operational models within the RailSys software and explored the potential for harmonizing Rail Baltica and CPK models. Both organisations will establish internal procedures in this regard.

“These arrangements are crucial in the context of the Horizontal Timetable (Clock-face Integrated Timetable for Poland) being created in Poland,” said Bartosz Uryga, Railway Lines Functions and Timetabling Team Manager in Railway Subprogramme Strategy & Planning, Design & Engineering Department at CPK. “Proposals for routes of trains and assumptions for the timetabling process were touched, which will be analysed in detail by national working teams. The goal is to implement a common service and timetable.”

The workshop organised by the CPK and Rail Baltica joint venture RB Rail AS aims to promote cooperation by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, experience, and insights on important topics and common challenges.