Slovenia’s Kontron to provide communications system for essential railway line

Posted: 9 February 2024 | | No comments yet

Slovenia’s Kontron have been signed on to provide a communications system for an essential railway line by 2TDK.

slovenia kontron

Credit: Ribbon Communications

Slovenia’s Kontron, has been selected by 2TDK to deliver a new communications system for the Divača – Koper railway as part of a multi-million-Euro contract.

The Divača – Koper railway connects the cargo port of Koper with the Slovenian and wider European railway network. Slovenia’s Kontron in cooperation with its sister company Kontron Transportation, a global leading supplier of dedicated end-to-end communication solutions for mission-critical networks will design, test, commission and install the Global System for Mobile Communications-Railway (GSM-R) for efficient and secure communications for railway traffic management. The 8-digit EUR project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2025.

Designed to integrate with the existing GSM-R network used across the Slovenian railways, the system will provide coverage of the open track and tunnels of both the main line and supply lines found across the route. 11 base stations across six locations and 40 repeaters of base stations at 22 locations will be installed for the GSM-R system along the new route. Antennas and radiating cables, power cables of base stations and repeaters at locations outside the technical facilities and measuring equipment, instruments and spare parts, as well as the integration into the existing GSM-R radio subsystem (BSS) and the core network (NSS) with the implementation of all upgrades will also be provided by Slovenia’s Kontron as part of the project.

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