Siemens’ flexible leasing model for regional trains

Posted: 14 February 2024 | | No comments yet

Siemens have recently introduced a new leasing scheme for their regional trains, allowing customers to have a battery or electric fleet.

siemens leasing

Siemens Mobility has founded the subsidiary Smart Train Lease GmbH to enable customers to flexibly supplement their fleets with rented state-of-the-art battery, hydrogen, and electric multiple-unit trains. The Mireo Smart trains from Siemens Mobility are available at short notice, approved for operation, and meet all required standards for modern regional passenger transport. By providing preconfigured trains and additional services such as maintenance, this new offer provides an economical alternative for quickly and flexibly expanding fleets. It also enables customers to easily test innovative and sustainable rail technologies. Smart Train Lease GmbH is initially offering this rental model in Germany and plans to expand it throughout Europe in the medium term. 

“The mobility transition has led to an extremely dynamic market for regional trains. Rail operators today are looking for more flexible and quickly available offers as new technologies further increase sustainability in rail transport. By founding Smart Train Lease GmbH, we’ve created an innovative rental model for highly standardised regional trains. Its cost position, reliability and speedy delivery time make it a new and especially attractive offer for our customers,” said Albrecht Neumann, CEO Rolling Stock at Siemens Mobility.

“We want to make renting trains as easy and simple as renting a car, and thus help accelerate the mobility transition. This service will further enhance the attractiveness of rail transport for passengers and enable our customers to react quickly to fluctuating demand,” said Benjamin Dobernecker, CEO Smart Train Lease GmbH. 

The technological shift from diesel to alternative technologies such as batteries and hydrogen is driving significant market changes that present a number of challenges as well as opportunities. The trend away from private transport to public options, helped in part by Germany’s 49-euro monthly regional ticket and its simplification of rail travel, has considerably boosted demand for trains. In addition, numerous private rail companies now offer regional passenger service and are looking for new, more flexible offers with competitive installments to cover their need for new trains without long-term investment commitments. Smart Train Lease GmbH offers such a fast and high-quality solution.

In the rail sector, rental contracts were previously available only on a long-term basis, with terms of more than twelve years and including subsequent use or residual value guarantees. Until now, there were no offers for short- and medium-term rentals of multiple-unit regional trains or small fleets. In particular, operators were unable to rent state-of-the-art regional trains with alternative drive systems. Smart Train Lease GmbH has stepped in here to meet this demand and create a new market.

Which trains will be available?
Approved Mireo Smart trains are available immediately. The trains feature low lifecycle costs, low energy consumption, and are technologically advanced and optimally equipped. The Mireo Smart has a top speed of 160 km/h and is available in three variants: electric, battery, or hydrogen-powered multiple-unit trains. All trains are equipped with the future-proof European Train Control System ETCS and the point-based train control system PZB. The Mireo Smart offers passengers a high level of comfort and convenience, with a capacity of 214 seats, spaces for 21 bicycles and two wheelchairs, and universal-access toilets. The trains are also equipped with modern air conditioning, WiFi service, a passenger information system, security surveillance systems, and large TFT monitors in the entry areas.

How does the leasing model work?

Smart Train Lease aims to make the rental process as easy and simple as possible, comparable to renting a car. The company offers a standard contract with various service options that best fit the operator’s rail infrastructure and experience of its workshops. By providing centralised fleet maintenance management, even the smallest fleets with short rental terms can be smoothly integrated into ongoing operations without requiring extensive changes to the existing maintenance organisation. Standard maintenance work can be carried out by existing staff at any time without extensive training, and Smart Train Lease provides direct on-site support for all other activities. The entire train, including its maintenance, is rented as a complete package.