Trapeze’s WFM rail software supports SCT Logistics’ continued growth

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Trapeze’s WFM rail software has been chosen by SCT Logistics, Australia’s largest private freight operator.


Australia’s largest private rail freight operator, SCT Logistics, is set to experience the benefits of streamlined business processes by adopting Trapeze Group’s Rail Workforce Management (WFM) solution.

SCT Logistics and Trapeze Group have confirmed a multi-year agreement to implement the technology, with deployment already underway. Using Trapeze’s software allows SCT to automate a range of complex tasks, enabling the effective allocation of staff resources to manage its fleet of 40 locomotives and 900 pieces of rail rolling stock.

Trapeze’s technology is a workforce management system tailor-made for rail organisations, providing them with the integrated business data necessary to save time and reduce costs.

SCT has grown steadily since it was founded in 1974 and has around 1,500 employees, so meeting the needs of this expanding rail business was a key requirement for Trapeze. The phased Trapeze WFM deployment includes maintenance workers, shunters, and train drivers who can expect greater visibility of their upcoming rosters even while working in remote locations.

Trapeze Rail Head of Operations, Michael Zink, said Trapeze’s technology supports SCT’s continued growth by replacing previously manual processes with automated systems that are designed specifically for rail applications.

“I am delighted that SCT have chosen to use Trapeze’s software,” Mr Zink said. “We are increasing our presence within the Australian rail industry, and during our discussions with SCT we connected their team with a current client who shared a first-hand account of how we support their business. 

“Trapeze’s workforce management technology can make an invaluable contribution to SCT by streamlining daily rostering, resource forecasting, record keeping, and compliance tasks. The synchronised data provided by our system creates a high-level, business-wide perspective from the planning phase through to rostering and day of operations.”

SCT Group Managing Director, Geoff Smith, said integrating Trapeze’s software with SCT’s current payroll and employee data systems would deliver enhanced operational outcomes across the logistics business.

“SCT provides Australia’s most efficient and independent freight services,” Mr Smith said. “As our rail business continues to expand, we are supporting our staff by providing them with technology that ensures we can service and meet our customers’ transport requirements to every destination in Australia.”

To learn more about Trapeze Group’s suite of rail enterprise solutions, including Workforce Management, please visit our website or contact our team.

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