CN issues statement on negotiations with the TCRC

Posted: 13 May 2024 | | No comments yet

Canadian rail operator CN has issued a statement, providing an update on negotiations with the TCRC, following labour disruption.

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Canadian rail operator CN have issued this statement:

“CN has been made aware that the Minister of Labour has requested clarity, on May 9, 2024, from the Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) on whether or not any services are essential and therefore must be maintained during a labour disruption. As a result of that request, there can be no strike or lockout before the CIRB issues a decision. It is highly unlikely that such determination could be made before May 22.

However, CN strongly believes that the current uncertainty around a labour disruption must be resolved decidedly and as soon as possible for employees, customers, and Canadians who depend on rail to get them everyday essential goods.

The Company continues to seek a negotiated agreement with the TCRC.”

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