Infrastructure renewal advances at New York Penn Station

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Amtrak engineering forces are continuing the ongoing infrastructure renewal work at New York Penn Station, a series of major projects that will strengthen and improve operations and reliability at North America’s busiest transportation hub.

Infrastructure renewal advances at New York Penn Station

A normal weekday sees more than 1,300 daily train movements at Penn Station with each of the station’s 21 tracks in use every two minutes. The ongoing work will help increase service reliability and preserve the existing operational flexibility for the users of Penn Station. This effort also includes preparation for the extensive and accelerated maintenance in “A” interlocking that will take place this summer, beginning in July 2017.

Renewal and maintenance recently completed includes (numbered on map below):

  1. Renewal of 125 feet of station track 7 at east end limits including the replacement of 600 railroad ties
  2. Total switch replacement consisting of several sections within tracks 3X and 4X in “A” interlocking (west side of Penn Station)
  3. Wood, timber and rail replacement within “JO” interlocking (east side of Penn Station)
  4. Replacement of 96 block ties in Line 1 of the East River tunnels
  5. Replacement of block ties within station tracks 2 and 10
  6. Positioning of equipment in New York and New Jersey in preparation for the extensive summer work in July and August
  7. Daily maintenance work

A time-lapse video of “A” interlocking renewal work (2) completed during the weekend of June 16-19 can be found seen here:

Amtrak has released the posted schedules for passenger service during Infrastructure Renewal at New York Penn Station beginning on 10th July 2017 through to 1st September 2017. Schedules can be found here. Amtrak’s reservation systems have been updated to reflect these schedule changes and any passenger already booked on a train that has been cancelled or altered has been contacted and accommodated on other scheduled service.

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