New digital locomotive service hub opened in Delaware

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Siemens is opening a new locomotive service facility in New Castle, Delaware that will operate as the company’s digital service, supply chain, and technical field training hub in the region.

Delaware locomotive hub

Senator Carper tours the new locomotive hub in New Castle (credit: Delaware Public Media)

The 44,000 square-foot Delaware facility will combine Siemens’ global digital analytics know-how with its industry knowledge to move rail further into the digital age.

Using the latest in digital and predictive technology, the New Castle team will train service technicians and remotely maintain Siemens locomotives for customers across the US. The team will collect and analyse over 800 data points from each locomotive daily, with the data including information on equipment health, operational metrics and environmental data made available by automatic, continuous streaming from the locomotive.

This data, pulled in real-time, can help diagnose fleet issues and develop predictive maintenance capabilities so issues can be identified issues before they become a problem.

“When Americans have access to reliable train travel, they tend to take advantage of it. Siemens’ new centre – right here in New Castle, Delaware – will help make rail service more reliable by using cutting edge technology to service and build new locomotives at a faster pace and higher volume,” said US Senator Tom Carper. “Our nation’s railways are critical elements to our country’s infrastructure system, which helps us to compete and win in the global economy.”

The team will also use virtual reality technology for maintenance training on different locomotive equipment running worldwide. Using virtual reality goggles and handheld controls, the service technician can virtually stand inside a locomotive and use the handheld controls to work on switches, components and panels.

“This is a key investment for Siemens in our largest market in the world,” added Siemens USA CEO Judy Marks. “Trains were the preeminent invention of the first industrial revolution, but today they exemplify a fourth in which software is converging with advanced manufacturing. Siemens’ locomotives now come out of our US manufacturing plants born digital; they’re computers on steel wheels that constantly collect data.

“Now, in New Castle, our technicians and engineers will make this data actionable for our customers. That’s major value added for railroads striving for even higher levels of safety and reliability.”

In addition to data services, the new facility will include a supply chain distribution centre to quickly deliver locomotive parts for locomotive customers.

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