Stadler names its new high-speed train SMILE

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A competition held during Stadler’s open day has enabled the company to find a name for its new line of high-speed trains: SMILE.

Stadler names its new high-speed train SMILE after a competition

Credit: Stadler Facebook

SMILE, the world’s first standard, low-floor, high-speed, multiple unit train (formerly known as the Stadler EC250) was rolled out to the general public on 18 May in Bussnang, in the presence of the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) and the President of the Swiss Confederation, Doris Leuthard.

Following in the footsteps of its successful predecessors, the Stadler FLIRT, KISS and TANGO ‘SMILE’ is an abbreviation with a technical signification: Schneller Mehrsystemfähiger Innovativer Leichter Expresszug (which in English is ‘speedy, multi-system, innovative, lightweight express train’).

The SMILE has been specially designed for comfort and for meeting the needs of customers, in particular families, senior citizens and people with reduced mobility (with a low floor providing easy boarding), and is a first for standard, high-speed, multiple unit trains.

All trains feature bright and spacious interiors with modern lighting systems with additional amenities including (upon request): 4G/3G mobile phone connectivity, power outlets on every passenger seat, large luggage racks, multifunctional compartments, a bicycle storage area, and gender-segregated and handicapped-accessible toilets.

The trains are 202 metres long, can seat more than 400 passengers and can be operated in double traction, and thereby double its capacity.

SBB has put in an initial order of 29 of these trains, and will begin using them in December 2019 to travel through the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

The trains will make up the SBB’s ‘Giruno’ line and will first connect Basel and Zurich with Milan, and later Germany and Italy. They will be approved for use in Germany, Italy and Austria, as well as Switzerland.

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