Newport’s new station: A new gateway to Wales

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The benefits of the brand new Newport station will be far-reaching and lasting as the concourses of the new gateway of Wales open to passengers today.

The benefits of the brand new Newport station will be far-reaching and lasting as the concourses of the new gateway of Wales open to passengers today.

The benefits of the brand new Newport station will be far-reaching and lasting, says local government and transport leaders as the concourses of the new gateway of Wales open to passengers today.

The transformed Newport station – the largest station revamp in Wales – marks a step forward in achieving the vision of regenerating the city into a dynamic, thriving and business-friendly city. The investment also leads the way for a successful partnership between local government, businesses and the rail industry in improving rail infrastructure to support social and economic developments, especially in time of spending cuts.

Today, Newport station serves more than 2m passengers – an increase by around 30% over the last five years. Twice the size of the old station, the new station building is poised to cater to future passenger growth and an expected influx of 2,000 more passengers per day during the Ryder Cup.

Mike Gallop, principal programme sponsor, Network Rail said: “Investment in rail is a necessity and not a luxury, Wales relies on rail. The country has an aspiration to become a leading destination for top-class events, such as the Ryder Cup and the Olympics, and a robust transport infrastructure is vital to meet that.

“Newport station will play a significant role as a transport hub during the international golfing event, but its benefits go far and beyond. The landmark station will transform passengers’ travel experience and more importantly, it will help open up new opportunities for the city as it becomes more attractive to businesses. Sustained investment in rail will be vital to help unleash the economic potential in Wales.”

Deputy First Minister and Minister for the Economy and Transport said: “I am delighted that this remarkable station has now reopened. It will improve the experience of passengers and provides striking entry for people as they arrive in Wales.

“World class facilities like this is central to making Wales an attractive place to live, work and visit. Our new approach to economic development focuses on creating a high quality infrastructure so that businesses, large and small, are well connected within and beyond Wales. This station will certainly play a huge part in connecting Wales to the world.”

Councillor Matthew Evans, leader of Newport City Council, said: “We are now less than three weeks away from hosting one of the world’s most popular sporting tournaments and the opening of the new station is another sign that we are ready for The 2010 Ryder Cup and welcoming thousands of visitors to the city. Newport is the gateway city to Wales and the station’s increased capacity will play an integral role in our growth. It will provide an excellent first impression for passengers arriving in the city.”

Newport station aerial shot

Newport station aerial shot

Peter Northcott, head of stations, Arriva Trains Wales, said: “The new train station at Newport is fantastic for not only local residents but also visitors to the area and businesses. We are pleased that Network Rail has delivered this unique building providing a really welcoming and brighter environment and a much improved passenger experience. The new and improved facilities contribute to a station fit for the 21st century and will we hope encourage more people to use the railways to and from Wales.”

Mike Otlet, technical director, Atkins said: “Newport Station demonstrates a successful fusion of innovative engineering and iconic design. The station’s unique architectural concept and geometry created some interesting challenges, which called for some inventive technical solutions. Atkins’ technical team worked hand in hand with Grimshaw’s architects combining creativity with practicality, and this was particularly evident in the solution for the unusual terminal building.”

The opening of the concourses today marks the first stage of completion with the second stage of completion focusing on snagging as well as putting the finishing touches to the footbridges, car parking and staff offices.

The station measures 2,100 square metres and has two concourses, equipped with CCTV, real-time customer information system, improved ticketing and information points and more shops. Passengers will be able to access the station from an extra new entrance on the north of the city. In addition, passengers with luggage, prams or wheelchairs will benefit from easy access onto all the platforms using lifts within the station building.

Network Rail and the Newport City Council have also carried out extra work to spruce up the existing platform canopies and refurbish the taxi rank outside the station.

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One response to “Newport’s new station: A new gateway to Wales”

  1. Graham says:

    I was at Newport station today and it was possibly the worst, most confusing station I have ever been to in Europe. The new buildings are cold and depressing, they are right at the very end of the platforms. You have to go up so many flights of steps just to enter the station. The buffet is right at the opposite end near the old buildings. Overall, I won’t be going to Newport again anytime soon.

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