UWC and Transmashholding to strengthen South America’s freight transportation

Posted: 28 August 2018 | | No comments yet

A new partnership will focus on developing freight transportation, alongside the expansion of both companies in South America.


United Wagon Company and TMH International AG, a subsidiary of JSC Transmashholding, have agreed to collaborate in developing railway freight transportation across South America.

The agreement provides for cooperation of the companies in the sales and deliveries of integrated freight transport solutions that will include locomotives manufactured by JSC Transmashholding, and freight cars and components manufactured by United Wagon Company, to Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay.

The partnership will utilise industrial and financial infrastructure developed by TMH Argentina.

The current South American fleet volume approximates to 145,000 freight cars. AAR standards dominate the region with gages 1000, 1067, 1435, 1600 and 1676mm. The projected demand for freight cars is 4,500 units per year assuming a successful railway expansion.

Maksim Kezemchenko, Deputy CEO for Business Development, United Wagon Company, said: “We expect South American markets to experience rapid growth driven by expansion of mineral extraction and other mining and processing operations. Transportation, especially railway transportation, is a sector of industry to receive priority investment in the context of economy growth. I am confident our partnership in the region will be highly successful and customers will appreciate the quality and technological advantages of our products.”

United Wagon Company is working towards expanding its presence in countries that use freight rolling stock. In 2017, the company shipped almost 600 cars and 200 large casting car sets to North America, Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Franco Comparato, General Director, TMH Argentina, said: “We believe in the prosperous future of the Argentinian transportation market as well the entire South American continent. Transmashholding is interested to expand the portfolio of products and solutions it can offer to the customers in South America, and we are glad to welcome UWC as our partners.”

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