Australasian and UK rail industries sign ground-breaking partnership

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A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the UK and Australasian rail trade bodies that will lead to greater co-operation and collaboration between the two industries.


The UK Railway Industry Association (RIA) and the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) announced the partnership at a reception hosted by the British Consul-General in Australia, as part of a UK rail trade delegation visit. The partnership will see the two associations work more closely together, benefiting both organisation’s memberships and helping to boost each country’s export potential in rail.

The agreement will bring a variety of benefits and will see:

  • The exchanging of information linked to research and innovation (not IP protected) undertaken in either country
  • Sharing and exchanging information and approaches relating to skill needs, training and the attraction of career aspirants to the rail industry
  • Closer working arrangements in trade fairs and rail exhibitions in either Australia, the UK or in third countries, where appropriate
  • Access to meeting facilities in the offices of ARA or RIA by members of either organisation.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development The Hon Michael McCormack MP, said: “Australia and the UK have long been partners in many aspects of our economies and our communities. This agreement is yet another partnership which will build upon our strong trade relationship, help encourage even more jobs and opportunities in the rail sector and be mutually beneficial for our economies.

“I know Australia’s regions have many exports – particularly our world-leading food and fibre – which the UK is looking to import and rail is a vital part of the mix to get that premium produce from paddock to port to plate. I look forward to seeing how our two countries can share expertise, ideas and insights to help grow jobs and opportunities in the rail sector in Australia and the UK.”


ARA’s Bob Herbert and RIA’s Neil Walker (seated L to R) sign the MoU, witnessed by Sydney Trains’ Howard Collins and HM Consul-General Michael Ward (standing L to R).

UK Minister of State for Trade and Export Promotion Baroness Fairhead, said: “This agreement between RIA and ARA will further strengthen our trading relationship with Australia so that we can work together more closely on the delivery of ambitious rail infrastructure programmes. The UK is a world-leader in rail and has a particular focus on developing exciting new technologies. Projects including those such as Crossrail and High Speed Two (HS2) mean that the UK is well placed to share insights, expertise and knowledge to help build rail industry capability around the world. This capability has been harnessed in the government’s recently launched Rail Sector Deal which aims to support yet further innovation and the application of more, new technologies in this growing sector.”

Baroness Fairhead concluded: “We very much look forward to the enhanced co-operation that this new agreement with Australia can bring and encourage any interested companies to get in touch with the UK Department for International Trade to find out more.”

Danny Broad, Chief Executive Officer of ARA, said: “This partnership is of immense value to our industry. We are undergoing a renaissance in rail in Australia, with major new rail projects in our capital cities and regions over the next decade. The opportunity to leverage the skills and expertise of UK rail companies will add breadth and depth to our industry and give Australian businesses valuable insights and partnerships. Working and collaborating with the RIA on common industry challenges will provide consolidation of ideas for possible suitable outcomes for the rail sectors covered by both the ARA and RIA.”

Darren Caplan, Chief Executive of the RIA, said: “We are delighted to support this partnership between the UK and Australasian rail industries, which will see the exchange of knowledge and expertise across the two countries. In the UK, rail exports £800 million a year and will play a vital role in achieving the UK government’s aim of increasing exports to 35 per cent of GDP, as we exit the EU. We look forward to working with our colleagues at ARA to maximise the exporting potential of both industries.”

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