Leo Express to operate trains to Wroclaw

Posted: 9 December 2019 | | No comments yet

Czech carrier, Leo Express, is to operate trains between Prague and Wroclaw in cooperation with Polish operator, Koleje Dolnośląskie.

Starting on 20 December, the Czech national carrier Leo Express is to operate trains between Prague and Wroclaw. The operator has also received a permit from Polish authorities to operate a train line between Kracow and Medyka on the Ukrainian border. Now it waits for another permit for a line between Kracow and Warsaw.

Leo Express has said it will run three trains a week from Prague and two a week in the other direction. The line will be operated in cooperation with Polish regional operator, Koleje Dolnośląskie.

“Leo Express is still expanding its services in Poland,” said Juraj Andrejka, Managing Director for Poland and Ukraine, Leo Express. “A part of the expansion is launching a new direct train line between Prague and Wroclaw, which will complement our public service obligation in the Pardubice region.”

The Polish authorities has also permitted Leo Express to operate a line between Kracow and the Ukrainian border. “Now we can go from Prague through Kracow all the way to the border with Ukraine,” Andrejka continued. “Due to the lengthy process, we have received the permit only after the publication of the new timetable, so now we have to look for new possible time frames, where we can extend our lines from Kracow all the way to Medyka.”

Additionally, Leo Express has requested for a line between Kracow and Warsaw. “We have filed a request for a permit for a separate line between Kracow and Warsaw,” Andrejka explained. “But nothing prevents us to connect it to the current line Prague – Kracow.” The approval for this could be made within a year, the operator said.


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