Study of speed increase feasibility for Nagpur-Secunderabad line complete

Posted: 9 January 2020 | | No comments yet

RZD International LLC’s study focused on the feasibility of increasing passenger trains’ speed on the section of India’s railway and halving travel time.

Speed increasing feasibility study for Nagpur-Secunderabad line completed

RZD International LLC, a Russian railway company, has successfully completed the preparation of a feasibility study for the modernisation of the infrastructure along the Nagpur-Secunderabad section of India’s railway. The study originally began in September 2017 and was completed at the end of 2019, in line with the agreed work schedule.

The project, which will span the length of 581km of line, will focus on increasing passenger trains’ speed up to 200km/h. The reconstruction of the line will more than half the current travel time, decreasing from 10 to 4 hours.

Outlined in the framework of the study, RZD International LLC has proposed advanced Russian and international technical solutions regarding the reconstruction of the track and bridges, as well as the catenary and traction substations, signalling and traffic safety systems.

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