3D printed train door attachments delivered to RZD by Siemens Mobility

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Siemens Mobility’s 3D printed attachments offer a hygienic way of opening train doors, with an elbow or lower arm, in order to limit the spread of germs or viruses, like COVID-19.

3D printed train door attachments delivered to RZD by Siemens Mobility
The new 3D printed door handle from Siemens Mobility

Credit: Siemens Mobility

Siemens Mobility has announced that it has delivered 36 3D printed train door handle attachments to Russian Railways (RZD) – which is currently undergoing testing of the attachments – that enable doors to be opened with an elbow or lower arm, rather than a hand, subsequently reducing the risk of spreading germs or a virus, like COVID-19

Siemens Mobility has installed the prototypes on several Desiro trains that RZD currently operates in the Moscow area, with implementation in further train fleets being planned. The parts are produced with the help of additive manufacturing and can be delivered on demand.

Siemens Mobility recently purchased two 3D printers to help with the maintenance of the RZD train fleet, which also includes several Velaro high-speed trains, and has been contracted to provide service and maintenance of the Velaro trains for a period of 30 years.

The printers are being used in Moscow and St. Petersburg and are a cornerstone of the “Easy Sparovation Part” network, established by Siemens Mobility. The objective of the network is to further optimise rail transport with the help of additive manufacturing and a digital inventory of original train components, simplifying the exchange and manufacturing of spare parts for trains. This will reduce production time and costs, as well as the need for spare parts.

CEO of Siemens Mobility, Sabrina Soussan, said: “3D printing gives us the flexibility to manufacture and replace spare parts ourselves any time in daily business. We’re using this technology now to quickly produce attachments for door handles on demand so we can meet our customers’ growing need for special health and protection measures.”

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