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Pandrol Brand Video

14 April 2023 | By

For everyone on the world’s railways, it’s connections that matter. Person to person. Station to station. Industry to industry, and city to city. And, for over 100 years, Pandrol has been making the connections that drive rail forward.


Pandrol corporate overview

31 March 2023 | By

Pandrol defines the industry standard across rail fastening systems and aluminothermic welding. Part of the Delachaux Group, a family-owned company since 1902, Pandrol operates in over 100 countries worldwide, with 1,700 employees based across 40 locations.


In-Depth Focus: Noise & Vibrations

22 November 2019 | By

Excessive noise and vibrations generated by rail traffic is an ongoing concern, with the industry under pressure to improve amid concerns from an environmental pollution and legal standpoint. Read on to find out how the industry is confronting railway noise and vibration nuisance, and the research and solutions helping the…