Podcast: Episode 2 – Anthony Smith

Posted: 27 November 2019 | | No comments yet

For Episode 2 of Global Railway Review’s podcast, Anthony Smith, Chief Executive of Transport Focus speaks to our Editor, Craig Waters, about what Britain’s railways do best, how the industry needs to change, the use of innovative technology, and are Britain’s rail passengers getting the best deal?

Transport Focus’ mission is to ensure rail passengers get the best deal. Through conducting evidence-based research, Transport Focus is helping to make recommendations for change within the industry, and can prove that passengers want to see improvements to their rail services, they want a clear sense of strategic direction, and they also want a sense that there is ‘someone’ in charge. 

In this podcast, Anthony Smith, Chief Executive of Transport Focus, shares insights and opinions on these matters, talks about the use of emerging technology in rail, and shares what his favourite rail trip in Britain is.

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