Train-to-ground solutions can accelerate railway’s digital transformation

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Craig Waters, Editor of Global Railway Review, speaks with Emanuele Di Liberto, Head of the Global Rail Business Centre at Nokia, about train-to-ground communications for rail networks and how the solutions available can accelerate rail digital transformation and get more passengers to choose to travel by rail.

Today’s railway operators are under the spotlight as governments are continually looking to reduce urban congestion, lower carbon emissions and increase the numbers of passengers travelling by rail.

Nokia’s train-to-ground solutions can help the industry by accelerating rail’s digital transformation, enabling operators to envision innovative ways to operate more efficiently while delivering value for passengers.

In this video interview (below), Emanuele Di Liberto, Head of the Global Rail Business Centre at Nokia, discusses why it is important to make the passenger journey experience better, the role that improving on-time efficiency, safety and security plays, how mission-critical broadband connectivity forms the foundation for digitally transforming today’s railways, and Nokia’s plans to continue supporting the rail industry in the future.

nokia emanuele di liberto

Emanuele Di Liberto, Head of the Global Rail Business Centre, Nokia

Emanuele is responsible for the Global Rail Business Centre in Nokia, in charge of all business development, presales and delivery operations for both main line and mass transit operators. Prior to that, Emanuele was leading the FRMCS Task Force in Nokia as well as coordinating the Business Development activities for Nokia in the Global Enterprise Business Unit with a specific focus on the Transportation domain. Throughout his career, Emanuele has been consistently involved in subject matters relevant to mission critical communication networks, especially for the railway and aviation industry, where he has developed over the years a deep knowledge of market dynamics and customer needs. Emanuele has been keynote speaker at several industry conferences on subjects as Next Generation Radio, Cyber-Security and how the Internet of Things (IoT) applies to the transportation segment. Prior to his currently role, Emanuele had been leading R&D operations focused on developing new applications specifically aimed to global enterprise and Public-Sector customers. Currently based out of Rome, Emanuele has served in several senior international assignments within Alcatel, Alcatel-Lucent, and Nokia across Europe and in functions such as Presales and Project Delivery. Emanuele holds a Master Degree in Telecommunication Engineering, with a specialisation in microwave transmission and physics.

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