LoRa wireless connectivity helps operators in transportation

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29 June 2017

Supported by:

29 June 2017

Kontron webinar Lora hero imageABOUT THIS WEBINAR

Improving passenger experience and predicting operational issues in vehicles with sensors are major goals for transportation operators. New technology in the low power wireless domain can help. A single LoRa low power wireless gateway can cover a whole train and dispatch sensor data to the cloud for real-time analytics.

What you will learn during this webinar:

  • End to end solution overview
  • Typical useful sensors
  • Benefits of an on-board LoRa gateway
  • Communication protocols from sensors to cloud and analytics
  • Digital security
  • Real-time stream analytics


Kontron webinar speaker BernardBernard Feaux
Business Development Manager, Transportation Business

Bernard is a Business Development Manager for Rail Transportation at Kontron, a leader in embedded computer systems and solutions. He has a Master’s degree in Electronics and over 20 years of experience in engineering and business development, with a focus on Rail Transportation Solutions.

Serge Tissot, Technical Strategy Manager, KontronSerge Tissot
Technical Strategy Manager

Serge Tissot is technical strategy manager at Kontron France, focusing on digital security and HPEC platforms. Serge is also leading the innovation and patent process. Previously, he managed the hardware and software design department within Thales Computers, a subsidiary of Thales. Serge Tissot holds an engineer’s degree in electrical engineering.

Damian Black Kontron SQLstream webinar speaker

Damian Black

Damian Black is a High Tech entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley. He holds 11 patents for stream processing and is co-founder of SQLstream, the leading streaming analytics company.

2 responses to “LoRa wireless connectivity helps operators in transportation”

  1. Peter Boom says:

    Interested in this!

    • Zack Mian says:

      Hi Peter,

      Hope all is well. IEM has a large program in this area and other areas which may be of great interest to you. Please contact me.

      Zack Mian
      IEM Corp.

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