Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) supplement

Posted: 27 May 2013 | | No comments yet

In this Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) supplement: Infrabel, providing accurate and innovative travel information (Ann Billiau, Director-General for Rail Access, Infrabel); Real-time Passenger Information – a fundamental requirement (Fiona Dolman, Director of Operational Services, Network Rail); Social media: help us to get home (Guy Dangerfield, Rail Passenger Manager, Passenger Focus)…

Real-Time Passenger Information supplement 2013
  • Infrabel: accurate and innovative travel information
    Ann Billiau, Director-General for Rail Access, Infrabel
    Since 2005 and the restructuring of the ‘SNCB’ Belgian National Rail Company in line with European directives, Infrabel has been tasked with the maintenance and modernisation of rail infrastructure and the management of travel information. The launch of and its mobile application – one of the most popular in the App Store and Android Market in Belgium – and the implementation of an automatic station announcement system are just some of the initiatives undertaken for the benefit of the Belgian rail network’s 750,000 daily users…
  • RTPI – a fundamental requirement
    Fiona Dolman, Director of Operational Services, Network Rail
    In January 2013, Network Rail published its strategic business plan for the 2014-19 funding period, in which the company made the case to government and the regulator for further sustained, targeted investment in Britain’s railway. This includes plans to implement the greatest programme of change to the operation of the railway since the Victorian era – leaving a legacy of systems and processes that offer significant improvement in the way we provide information to passengers. By the end of the decade, connectivity with railway users will be transformed, with accurate real-time information available through multiple channels, making the most of modern technology such as smart phones and apps designed by passengers, for passengers…
  • Social media: help us to get home
    Guy Dangerfield, Rail Passenger Manager, Passenger Focus
    Passengers tell us that when rail services are disrupted they want to be provided with accurate, consistent, timely and useful information that lets them make an informed decision about what they do – and, of course, for services to be back to normal as quickly as possible. Passenger Focus research has found that information during delays are among passengers’ top five priorities for improvement, behind value for money, punctuality, frequency and being able to get a seat…

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