Railway Signalling & Telecommunications supplement

Posted: 13 February 2015 | | 1 comment

In our latest free-to-view Signalling & Telecommunications Supplement, industry experts take a look at supporting the sector and preparing for the future, plus details about current ERTMS/ETCS operation on the RFI network…

Signalling & Telecommunications supplement 2015
  • Preparing the future communication system for ERTMS
    More than ever, the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) is at the heart of the European strategy for an ever interoperable, high-capacity and safer European railway network. The specifications implemented on key lines and corridors in Europe, but also in an increasing number of countries outside of the European Union (demonstrating the maturity and reliability of the system worldwide), are bringing numerous benefits for railway undertakings and infrastructure managers but also to the system as a whole. Michel Van Liefferinge, General Manager of UNISIG and Léa Paties, Project Manager at UNIFE, provide information on the evolution of ERTMS telecommunication technologies for the coming decades…
  • GSM-R radio systems and services evolution towards IP
    ERTMS/GSM-R offers a portfolio of features, implemented to support traffic management as well as operational staff work and the applications to enhance services to passengers. This system is being rolled-out all over Europe and is becoming an international standard with projects in five continents. It is the basis for the migration of transport services toward a smart public transport system. Robert Sarfati, Chairman of the ETSI Technical Committee for Rail Telecommunications explains more…
  • Current ERTMS/ETCS operation on the RFI network and future development
    Signalling experts Fabio Senesi and Gabriele Ridolfi from Italy’s railway network owner RFI take a look at the current status of ERTMS/ETCS in Italy, plus examine the future development of signalling systems for the country…

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