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Getzner Werkstoffe is the leading specialist in vibration isolation. Its solutions reduce vibrations and secondary airborne noise to improve the service life of bedded components and minimise the need for maintenance, repairs on tracks and rolling stock.

Getzner products for the railway sector

One of the main problems associated with railway traffic is the vibrations that are transferred from the track superstructure to the surrounding area. Humans perceive these vibrations in the form of a trembling in the ground or structure-borne noise. Another concern is the cost of the maintenance work that has to be carried out on the railways as a result of the wear and tear caused by insufficient elasticity within the track. Getzner develops highly-elastic products and systems to attenuate this type of vibration, successfully reducing the cost of the maintenance work required due to the wearing of superstructure components and rolling stock. These products were developed by Getzner’s own researchers and have been designed to cope with all axle loads and speeds. They are used all over the world and are leading products in the railway sector.

The economic solutions provide highly effective vibration protection for all areas:

  • Standard gauge
  • High speed
  • Urban transport (light railways, trams and underground lines)
  • Heavy freight
  • Local transit

Getzner’s solutions for the railway sector:

Rail pads

Rail pads are elastic polyurethane parts that are installed directly under the base of the rail. They have a defined stiffness and are used in the ballasted track. Improved load distribution results in a more comfortable ride and less wear and tear on the track superstructure. The added elasticity has a positive effect on the wearing of superstructure components and rolling stock. Getzner offers a full range of rail pad designs in any stiffness and for all rail applications.

Baseplate pads

More and more modern railway lines being built are using slab-track systems. Highly-elastic Getzner baseplate pads are used on tracks of this type to provide the required level of elasticity. They are placed between the rib plate and the concrete slab. Elastic baseplate pads maintain the load-distribution qualities of the rail and reduce vibrations caused by irregularities in the wheels and track. By properly distributing the stiffness of the baseplate, it is also possible to adjust the level of rail deflection caused by the rolling stock. Taking into account the special requirements in each case, Getzner has carried out a wide range of projects with these products in over 30 cities worldwide and on various high-speed lines around the world.

Elastic insert pads for sleeper boots

Slab-track systems require enough elasticity to activate the load distributing characteristics of the rail. Elastic components have a wide range of possible uses in this respect. Elastically mounted sleeper blocks have the advantage of reducing the level of airborne noise emissions because of the additional mass through which the vibration must travel. The larger elastic supporting surface also results in lower edge pressure. Dual-level elasticity also alleviates the load exerted on the insert pads and reduces the strain placed on the rail fastening. As Getzner’s insert pads can be manufactured to any desired stiffness, it is possible to meet a very diverse set of needs. This system is primarily used in tunnel sections of various types.

Under sleeper pads

Under sleeper pads improve vibration protection, help to reduce stress and wear on the ballast under the rails and improve track stability. They can be installed both along high-speed lines and lines with high axle loads, and when modernising existing lines. The under sleeper pads are attached to the sleepers during the production process using an optimised bonding system. As a result, no additional work is required at the installation site. Installation is quick, unaffected by weather conditions and can be carried out with minimal service interruptions.

Mass-spring systems

Mass-spring systems are used in applications in which there are extremely stringent requirements for protection against vibration and structure-borne noise. Getzner’s bearings for mass-spring systems are highly efficient in helping to protect residents living in the vicinity of railway lines from the effects of noise and vibrations. The effective isolation of vibrations also has a positive effect on the prices of properties affected by vibrations. Getzner offers three types of bearings for mass-spring systems. The type of solution used depends on the economic and technical considerations. The lowest natural frequency which has been achieved is approximately 5 Hz in mass-spring systems constructed for local and intercity railway lines. Mass-spring systems using Getzner’s bearings have been installed in over 40 cities, on high-speed lines and on various standard gauge lines worldwide.

Mass-spring systems for tramway lines

Light mass-spring systems, as a variation of a full-surface bearing system, are primarily used in rapid transit networks. With this type of construction, the entire track structure is isolated from the surroundings using base and side mats. The simple, effective and low-cost approach adopted by Getzner has proven its value around the world and is used in many cities.

Under ballast mats

The installation of Getzner’s under ballast mats enables a high level of track elasticity to be achieved. Among the reasons for installing mats of this kind are a reduction in secondary airborne noise and vibrations, and the protection of the ballast. When selecting the right type of under ballast mat, it is crucial to consider the specific vibration-related requirements of the project. The high level of efficiency of Getzner’s ballast mats is based upon the ability to precisely determine their dynamic stiffness. They also stand out in terms of their quality and cost-effectiveness. They are easy to handle, can be installed quickly and can even be driven over by heavy construction equipment. Using a special installation method, Getzner’s mats have also proven extremely useful when upgrading the track. The efficiency and technical superiority of Getzner’s under ballast mats is reflected in the fact that over 3 million m2 have been installed around the world on high-speed, standard gauge and local transit lines.

Continuous rail bearing

Getzner’s continuous rail bearing is a continuous, elastic rail foot mounting with the ability to compensate for differences in height arising from installation-related factors. The stiffness and vertical rail deflection are specified precisely in advance and ensured by using the proper selection of materials. The continuous rail bearing is an efficient and cost-effective solution. 

Rail groove filler

Urban rail lines and tracks that are crossed by other road users are typical locations in which rail groove fillers are often used. They enable the groove that is needed for the wheel flange to be filled in, thereby eliminating a hazard for road users as they cross the tracks. Other locations where this product is used include level-crossings and tracks on industrial premises. Getzner supplies rail groove fillers for all the most commonly encountered rail profiles.

Elastic solutions for use in rolling stock manufacturing

Polyurethane materials from Getzner have not only been successfully used in rail superstructure, they can also be used to efficiently isolate vibrations in rolling stock. Getzner is a partner to the world’s largest manufacturer of rolling stock, with whom it produces floor coverings for passenger carriages, locomotives and bathrooms, as well as special bearings for air-handling units. Getzner’s solutions protect the carriages from undesirable vibrations during the journey and reduce disruption to a minimum. Structural vibrations are significantly decreased, which increases both comfort and the service life of a carriage and its components.

Floating floors for rolling stock use the polyurethane material Sylomer® Fire-retardant, which was developed by Getzner and is certified according to EN 45545-2. The Sylomer® Aluminium Vibration Damper provides particularly light and compact vibration protection for carriage floors. It is used where simple screw-mounting is required. Isotop® DZE Railway effectively protects the passenger area from vibrations caused by the air-handling units and other equipment.

Application examples:

  • Elastic floor constructions for rolling stock
  • Bedding of individual vehicle components
  • Bedding of vehicle areas: driver’s cab, first class, bathrooms, etc.
  • Decoupling of ventilation units, HVAC equipment and compressors
  • Splash protection ring in the bogie
  • Elastic bearing of fixed magnetic brakes


  • Reduces the noise level inside carriages
  • Enhances comfort for passengers and staff
  • Extends the service life of rolling stock and component

Complete solutions provider for vibration protection

High-quality products are essential if professional and effective vibration protection is to be achieved. Equally important is that the various measures are defined and installed correctly and that they work together perfectly.

Getzner not only has the longest[1] and most extensive experience[2] on the market with respect to the manufacturing of elastic materials and their use, it is also very familiar with all the services associated with vibration protection solutions.

“Getzner – service is our passion”

Getzner’s strength lies in developing individual solutions for vibration engineering challenges. Getzner has developed dedicated solutions for the railway, construction and industry sectors, which it uses to serve markets around the world. The company is also able to develop customer-specific materials and products.

Various experts of the specialized departments will be involved in a project. Every day specialists in the fields of physics, the building and construction industry, machine engineering, acoustics, chemistry, and production and process engineering work to implement individual customer solutions.

Getzner works closely with a global network of partners, which includes engineering consultancies, construction companies, testing institutes and universities, to offer a wide range of services. These services include baseline surveys, development of solutions, calculations and simulation, efficiency forecasts and proofs and vibration measurements, as well as material tests and testing which we carry out on our own test rigs. On the construction site, the company is heavily involved in planning and construction meetings as well as in briefings, installation and acceptance.


  • Calculation and efficiency forecasts
  • Material and system testing
  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Designing installation plans
  • Briefings on the construction site
  • Installation on the construction site
  • Acceptance at the construction site
  • Comparative measurements
  • Partner network
  • Additional services (life cycle costs analyses, after sales services, global customer support/presence, training for customers and sales partners)

Getzner’s materials

Getzner develops and produces continuously (in one piece) casted polyurethane mats for isolating vibrations. The solutions provided by these materials ensure high quality working and living conditions by decoupling railway lines, entire buildings, parts of buildings or machines from vibrations. Vibration protection using materials from Getzner is possible at source and at the receiver end. Elastic bearing of the vibration exciter – e.g. a motor, air-handling unit or a track – is an efficient way of reducing the propagation of structure-borne noise. Elastic decoupling of the recipient – whether a building or a sensitive piece of equipment, etc. – prevents vibrations having a detrimental effect on quality of life and equipment functionality.

Getzner also produces a variety of moulded parts, develops custom-built materials and bonds polyurethane to other types of material if required. Getzner is the only company in the world that provides all three technologies from a single source and has more than 50 years of experience.

Effect of the materials

  • Fewer vibrations and less noise
  • Higher track availability, less maintenance required and therefore lower maintenance costs for railway tracks
  • Longer service life of the elastically bedded components (less wear)
  • Greater comfort (e.g. for passengers, machine operators, in residences and acoustically sensitive buildings)
  • Greater precision (e.g. machines)

Properties of the materials

  • Reliable, homogeneous and permanent elasticity (verified for over 30 years)
  • Unaffected by short-term overloading, even if extreme
  • Water resistant (even in standing water) and fire retardant (if required)
  • Direct use by heavy construction vehicles is not a problem
  • Non-complicated way to compensate for construction tolerances
  • Streamlined construction costs due to simple and fast installation
  • Available in various sizes and constructions (variations in density, thickness and surface of the material)
  • Long-term stability

Sylomer® by Getzner

Sylomer® is one of the most important materials in the vibration isolation market. In the case of railway lines, it can reduce vibrations and noise, while also significantly lowering maintenance costs in a sustainable manner. Sylomer® ensures that rooms affected by vibrations are pleasant to use. Ten different types of Sylomer® are available as standard – in addition, there is also the special Sylomer® Fire-retardant version. The material properties can be modified to suit specific requirements.

Sylodyn® by Getzner

Sylodyn® is used as a vibration protection solution on local and intercity railway lines, to insulate impact noise in floors and on stairs, as a bedding for buildings or machines, or to insulate the noise transmitted between walls, floors and ceilings. Sylodyn® is a closed-cell elastomer that does not absorb water. Compared with Sylomer®, the material offers improved dynamic properties. Five different types of Sylodyn®, as well as three different types of Sylodyn® HRB HS, are available from stock as standard. The material properties can be modified to suit specific requirements.

Sylodamp® by Getzner

With its highly effective material damping, Sylodamp® provides impressive impact insulation. To satisfy the wide variety of requirements imposed by impact loads, Getzner has developed a product range consisting of six finely graduated types of material. Sylodamp® is not only used for machines, it is also highly suitable for the human environment.

Isotop® by Getzner

Isotop products combine the material properties of Getzner PU elastomers with the advantages of steel springs or metal elements. It is used for the elastic bearing of technical building services such as air conditioning systems, heat pumps, combined heat and power plants, refrigeration units, fans, compressors, pumps or lift systems. Depending on the calculated load, they have a natural frequency (resonance frequency) of up to 3.0 Hz and therefore significantly minimise vibrations.

across a number of different sectors: railway, construction, industry[1] since 1969

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