New passenger content portal launched by Nomad Digital

Posted: 10 February 2021 | | No comments yet

Nomad Digital’s new Engage Portal solutions offer a platform for new services that can be distributed to hundreds of trains in real-time.

Nomad Digital has announced that it has launched its brand new Engage Portal solutions, which deliver on-demand, managed content directly to passengers’ devices, such as tablets, smartphones or laptops.

The Engage Portal is a solution designed specifically for transport and rail environments by transport software experts. It is a platform for new services that can be distributed to hundreds of trains in real-time, maximising existing investments.

As a passenger, the portal will bring you a wide range of content, ranging from simple static pages – updated as required by the operator – to rich interactive media, providing a second to none customer experience.

Operators will benefit from the ability to distribute the content to the vehicle in a planned, controlled manner, both efficiently and economically. Even better, the content is hosted, accessed and browsed all using Nomad Digital’s onboard systems, rather than using valuable Wi-Fi bandwidth. This will assist with Wi-Fi and data management and can increase commercial potential with digital advertising.

Xavier Champaud, Nomad Digital’s Managing Director, said: “With our new product, Engage Portal, Nomad has combined an extensive offering that will benefit all passengers and will make their journey more pleasant and informative. At the same time, we wanted to provide operators with the capability to configure the look and feel of their Portal on the one hand, and the content on the other hand, to tune it to their different demands. The Portal design provides a unique tool that will strengthen the links between operators and passengers, providing a further level of engagement. With Engage Portal, Nomad Digital contributes to making our transportation more appealing, encouraging in return the choice of low carbon impact transport solutions.”

The Engage Portal is a complete infotainment solution, with two options, providing flexibility and choice. Choose from:

  • Engage Portal Lite: A web portal for Wi-Fi access. Passengers can get online quickly and start to enjoy onboard Wi-Fi. It is easily upgradable for more functionality, with three customisable designs to choose from
  • Full Features Engage Portal: Our world-class solution, which is feature-rich, with a wide range of media content such as newspapers, movies, catch up TV, e-books, games, journey information and moving maps. Everything that is needed to enhance the customer experience, all enjoyed with digital rights.

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