Airbus CyberSecurity and Alstom sign cyber-security partnership

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Airbus CyberSecurity and Alstom have agreed to a new partnership that will provide leading solutions and security of industrial information systems for cyber-security across rail transport.

Airbus CyberSecurity and Alstom sign cybersecurity partnership

Airbus CyberSecurity and Alstom, global leader in sustainable mobility, have signed a worldwide cooperation agreement focusing on rail transport cyber-security.

The partnership will allow the partners to provide rail operators with solutions and services combining Alstom’s solutions and expertise in rail transport, with Airbus CyberSecurity’s services and expertise in ensuring the security of industrial information systems.

Eddy Thesee, Vice President Cybersecurity at Alstom said: “In the context of increasing worldwide cyber threats across all sectors, Alstom aims to protect its assets and those of its customers as effectively and as early as possible. The collaboration between Alstom and proven specialist Airbus CyberSecurity will ensure the future usage and success of green mobility worldwide.”

“As specialist in the cyber-security of industrial systems, particularly in the transport sector, we are keen to contribute to securing the information systems of the rail sector along with Alstom,” further commented Nicolas Razy, Director of Airbus CyberSecurity France.

Airbus CyberSecurity will contribute to joint offers with services and solutions in security monitoring of railway systems through its various Security Operations Centres (SOCs) and in responding to incidents. It will also contribute to security auditing services, penetration and intrusion testing, notably through its simulation and testing platform for industrial systems.

Alstom is bringing its knowledge of railway systems design, manufacture, operations, and maintenance into the partnership. The global leader in digital rail will also leverage its unique railway cyber-security expertise developed in recent years. Worldwide, Alstom counts over 13,000 employees working on digitalisation in the rail sector, particularly in the areas of signalling technology, smart mobility, and cyber-security.

In recent years, railway companies have developed ambitious digital strategies, particularly to cope with the growing number of passengers. They have deployed and interconnected information systems combining IT, operational technology (OT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) in the management and control systems of trains, metros and trams, track signalling systems, as well as rail operations control centres. To protect their asset and ensure safe and secure mobility to their customers, railway companies will be able to rely on solutions tailored by Alstom and Airbus CyberSecurity for their industry.

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