Alpha Trains signs a long-term contract to lease 23 EMUs to Trans Regio

Posted: 12 October 2021 | | No comments yet

The leading European rolling stock lessor, Alpha Trains, has signed a long-term contract to lease 23 EMU trains to Trans Regio, a subsidiary of the Transdev Group.

Trans Regio Deutsche Regionalbahn GmbH (Trans Regio), a subsidiary of the Transdev Group, and Alpha Trains, the leading rolling stock lessor in Europe, signed a long-term lease contract for 23 EMU trains. The vehicles currently are and will continue to be in service on the MittelrheinBahn concession operated by Trans Regio. In mid-2021, the Transdev subsidiary won the Europe-wide re-tender for this concession. The new contract will start in December 2023 and runs to December 2033 – with several options to be extended until December 2036 and even to June 2037 for some services on the Mainz – Bingen – Koblenz section.

Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of Alpha Trains Europa GmbH said: “We are delighted that our long-term partner Trans Regio will continue to operate this line with our reliable trains, which will undergo an extensive modernisation and refurbishment programme for that purpose.”

17 of the 23 vehicles are Siemens Desiro ML, connecting the cities of Cologne, Koblenz, and Mainz on the MittelrheinBahn since 2008. Six new vehicles of type Siemens Mireo have complemented the fleet on the Mainz to Bingen section since December 2020. These additional six vehicles enable a capacity expansion on the busiest section of the MittelrheinBahn line between Cologne and Remagen, by converting from double-unit to triple-unit traction during peak times.

The refurbishment and modernisation work required on the existing Desiro ML in accordance with the new concession contract, will be carried out by Siemens Mobility Werkstätten West in Wildenrath. The focus will be on improving quality and enhancing passenger comfort. “Siemens has been a competent and reliable partner in numerous joint projects, and always was able to meet our own requirements and those of our customers”, commented Jörg Hagemeyer, Engineering Director of Alpha Trains’ Passenger Train division.

“We look forward to continuing to work with our long-standing partner Alpha Trains”, added Adam Leitner, Head of Customer Services Germany at Siemens Mobility. “The modernisation and refurbishment programme will enhance passenger comfort, e.g., through new seating arrangements, new side tables and larger distances between seats. Wi-Fi, additional sockets, and dynamic passenger information on TFT monitors will also be provided. Thanks to their modern interior and by refreshing the external livery, the trains will look as good as new both inside and outside.”

Maintenance of the vehicles will continue to be carried out in Trans Regio’s Koblenz-Moselweiß workshop in Koblenz.