Stimio and CBM team for predictive supply chain solution

Posted: 9 September 2022 | | No comments yet

Stimio and CBM are pooling their expertise to provide mobility actors with an innovative solution that combines connected maintenance with predictive supply chain management.

David Dorval (left), CEO of Stimio and Andrea Chiocchetti (to the right), President of CBM.

David Dorval (left), CEO of Stimio and Andrea Chiocchetti (to the right), President of CBM. Credit: Stimio

Stimio has joined forces with CBM to supply mobility actors with an innovative maintenance and predictive supply chain solution. The purpose of this business partnership is to develop joint offers for mobility actors, customers already targeted by Stimio and CBM in their respective fields of expertise. Building on their combined know-how, Stimio and CBM will supply customers with an innovative predictive maintenance solution directly connected to supply services.

Stimio develops and markets the IoT Oxygen suite: Oxygen Edge for data acquisition and generation sensors and Oxygen Cloud, an enriched data recovery platform and analysis tools.

“Our end-to-end solution frees our customers from the complexities of IoT projects (networks of ultra-low consumption sensors, telecommunications, applications developments, etc.),” David Dorval, CEO of Stimio, said.” This lets them focus on business data with significant added value.”

 By combining AI and machine learning technologies, this technically advanced platform predicts future behaviours and failures in order to better anticipate breakdowns and enable optimal service availability.

This real-time breakdown monitoring, analysis, and prediction IoT technology will be combined with the spare parts supply services provided by CBM, based on the precise identification of failed parts and related products, all manufacturers combined.

“Given the close ties between our operations, this business partnership with Stimio is an obvious step forward,” Vincent Couvreur, Head of Business Unit – Railway, CBM Group, said. “In addition to providing a quality global supply service, thanks to Stimio’s expertise and our in-depth market knowledge we can supply our customers with high added value services that will save them time on this supply chain, a Predictive Supply Chain offering the right part, in the right place at the right time.”

“We are excited to sign this business partnership with Stimio to provide our customers with innovative solutions that optimise their maintenance costs and improve rolling stock availability,” Andrea Chiocchetti, CEO of the CBM Group said.

“I’m thrilled about this partnership with CBM and the synergies resulting from it,” Dorval continued. “The customers we share, operators of public and private transport systems: buses, trams and metros, have so much to gain from this partnership between CBM and Stimio, including lower maintenance costs, optimal fleet availability and optimized stock management and maintenance plans.”