Tri-Rail closer to getting services into MiamiCentral

Following a Tri-Party Agreement, SFRTA engineers are to begin training and testing for the implementation of Tri-Rail trains at MiamiCentral Station.

The Florida Tri-Rail Train

The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) received a signed Tri-Party Agreement, with Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway and Brightline, that gives permission for SFRTA personnel to begin training and testing for the implementation of Tri-Rail services at MiamiCentral Station. The agreement shows progress in the ongoing negotiations for SFRTA to operate Tri-Rail trains on the approximate eight-mile span of the FEC Corridor that connects with the South Florida Rail Corridor and opens the door for Tri-Rail trains to test at MiamiCentral Station.

The agreement was achieved two-and-a-half months after David Dech was named the new Executive Director for SFRTA. Dech was hired namely for his management experience opening rail stations, leading public-private partnerships and negotiating with host and tenant railroads. He brings experience running commuter rail for a public agency and holding senior positions for freight railroads in the private sector.

“This latest milestone was made possible thanks to the building of a great partnership that has been key to move things forward,” David Dech, Executive Director for SFRTA, said. “One of my main goals when arriving in South Florida was to ensure we were having quality conversations with our partners at Brightline and the FEC, knowing it is the only way we are going to get through the hurdles that have been holding us up.”

SFRTA Engineers and conductors will be trained and furnished to operate Tri-Rail trains on the FEC Corridor, for route familiarisation, testing of power units and checking rides. Upon completion of the qualifications, they will then be authorised to train additional SFRTA employees. Testing of Automatic Train Control (ATC) and Positive Train Control (PTC) technology will also begin during this process, ensuring Tri-Rail trains meet the requirements set on the FEC Corridor.

The plans for SFRTA personnel and equipment to begin training and testing was approved by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and all the signed parties.

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