Ermewa to deliver 200 newly built grain wagons to Rail Cargo Logistics

Rail Cargo Logistics are to receive all 200 grain wagons by the end of 2023, with Ermewa having already delivered the first 25 in October 2022.


Credit: Ermewa

Ermewa are set to deliver 200 newly built grain wagons to Rail Cargo Logistics. The first 25 grain wagons were handed over to Rail Cargo Logistics at the end of October 2022, with the remaining 175 wagons set to be delivered by the end of 2023.

As a market leader for grain transport in Central and Southeastern Europe, Rail Cargo Logistics is focusing on expansion with Ermewa, the European leader for the leasing of grain wagons. Ermewa is thus expanding its already 5,700-wagon existing fleet in this segment, which is set to continue growing in the coming years. More than 1,000 new grain wagons have already been ordered and will be integrated into the fleet over the next two years, with various capacities, to optimise transportation of different types of grains.

The newly built grain wagons

The two hundred newly delivered grain wagons belong to the Tagnpps type and have a loading volume of 95 cubic metres, with a loading capacity of 69.7 tonnes, high safety level and high durability. They are all equipped with future-proof components. These include the GPS device and the ability to convert to the Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC). The design of the wagon makes it ideally suited for transporting various agricultural products throughout Europe.

Both Ermewa and Rail Cargo Logistics have already gained excellent experience with this type of grain wagon. It offers multiple benefits: optimised roof and hatches to preserve the products, ergonomic roof opening by wheels located at ground level, and only two operations to unload the wagon, The thicknesses of the wagon’s structure have been optimised to ensure robustness and safety. In addition, no ladder to access the roof so no more risk of electrocution or fall.

“The lease of Ermewa’s high-performance newly built wagons is part of the growth strategy that Rail Cargo Logistics is following in the area of grain transport,” Reinhold Pölzl, Business Unit Manager at Rail Cargo Logistics, said. “In the near future, the wagons will be used to support the Green Belt Land bridge.”

The initiative enables Ukrainian grain to be transported by rail to the European hinterland. Part of the 175 wagons to be delivered in 2023 will go directly to the Czech RCL subsidiary and be integrated into the Rail Cargo Logistics s.r.o fleet.

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