VIDEO: Northern highlight efforts to keep trains clean and tidy

Northern have released a video highlighting the efforts to keep its fleet of 345 trains clean as part of an appeal to customers to take their rubbish with them when they leave trains.

Train cleaning

Credit: Jonny Walton

Northern has released a video highlighting the huge task its team of 500 train presentation operatives face in keeping its fleet of 345 trains clean and tidy. It comes as part of an appeal to customers to take their rubbish with them when they leave the train. The video can be found below.

Northern cleaning duties

Northern carries out train cleaning duties at 42 locations on its network, including four main TrainCare Centres at Allerton (Merseyside), Newton Heath (Grater Manchester), Heaton (Tyne & Wear) and Neville Hill (West Yorkshire). Each year, the team carries out 695,000 ‘carriage cleans’ and work their way through 32,759 microfibre cloths, 10,300 sponges, 1,724 litres of toilet cleaner and 2,265 litres of floor and surface cleaners. They also replenish some 26 million pieces of toilet tissue and 778 litres of hand soap.

“Some of the cleaning we undertake is wholly understandable given the natural wear and tear of thousands of people using our trains every day,” Richard Holt, Head of Train Presentation for Northern, said. “But things like chewing gum on seats and an excess of litter are just two examples of avoidable issues my team has to face. It’s a near-military operation to keep the fleet to the high standard we’ve set ourselves in the post-COVID world – and we take every opportunity to carry out cleaning duties throughout the day, between services and during the night. I hope this video will make people realise the effort that goes in to keeping Northern’s trains clean and tidy – and think twice about leaving litter behind when they’ve finished their journey.”

Northern is the second largest train operator in the country with nearly 2,000 services a day connecting more than 500 stations across 3,000 km of track in the North of England.